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Our Oversize Letters are a HUGE Hit!!!

Check out photos from our customers!  They are doing amazing things!!!


Dentresa Thompson-Taylor


YOUnique Designs by Lashunda Turner-Thompson


Events Amoore, LLC by Mocha Moore

Oversize High-Density Foam Letters


We are offering High-Quality, High-Density Foam, Fancy Font Foam Letters.  (They are a Solid Commercial Grade Foam.....NOT Foam Board with cups or Thin Styrofoam).  


They are 30" Tall  x  24"  Wide  x  12"  Deep (approx)


We offer ALL Letters A-Z and Numbers & Some Special Shapes

Just a note:  We also offer a convenient Layaway Style Payment Plan.  An example of our layaway plan is below.  You put 1/2 down and most pay the balance in 3 easy payments.  

Additionally, the amount for s/h below is pretty much the average give or take…..Most pay a total of between $100 - $130 per order.  

We ship 2 letters to a box.  The boxes are HUGE!  For 4 letters, it will be 2 -  26” x 26” x 36” boxes.  We have found our shipping method to be the most cost-effective option.  We’ve used it for going into 2 years now and it has worked great for us and our customers! 

Example of Order for 4 Letters: 

Order Total: $267.50 ($250 plus tx $17.50)

Add S/H: $113.78 - Grand Total: $381.28


Amount Needed to get a Layaway going:  $190.64 /  Balance:  $190.64  

(Most clients divide into 3 payments - $63.55  /$63.55 /  $63.54).   

So, again, the exact s/h will vary depending on your specific location, but ranges normally between $100 - $130, so, you can expect to pay about the same as you see above for 4 letters - around $380 give or take (+/- $30).  

If this amount would work for you and you think you would be interested in moving forward with an order,  you can click on the box below:  PLACE AN ORDER NOW - it will take you to Our Customer Order Form page.


LOCAL ONLY - Rental Option Available:  

Rent 4 Letters/Numbers for ONLY $125  ($35 for each additional letter)

(Add $40 for Delivery/Pick-up)

Summary:  Payment Plan/Layaway Option available - 1/2 down with balance to be paid in 3 payments using Paypal.  Production will begin AFTER the final payment is received.  

Review Details below regarding shipping, booking, payments, our payment plan/layaway option or to get a quote and more.............


Estimated Shipping Costs & Delivery

We have provided you with estimated shipping costs.  This estimate is good for 30 days from the date you receive the quote.  Once, you are ready to actually move forward with processing your order we will confirm all the details of your order and secure firm shipping costs.  With regards to our current shipping method, we use a 3rd Party company that utilizes Greyhound shipping stations (Station to Station) for deliveries.  Again, once you decide to move forward we will determine the definite location of the closest facility in your area that offers this service.  Please Note:  NOT all cities offer this service.  Additionally, there may be some areas that may require you to travel a distance to retrieve the package.  If you opt to utilize this option, upon the arrival of your package at the location, you will have 3 days to pick-up your order from the time you get a call to pick-up.  After 3 days you will be charged a $5 a day per package fee for storage.  Conversely, some areas do offer the option for you to have your items delivered to your door (Station to Door).  If you opt for this service, you would be notified upon the arrival of the item in the station as well as the date/time of your delivery, so, that you can make arrangements for someone to be present for the delivery.  The same $5 per day per package fee applies for packages that are undelivered after 3 days.  

Booking & Payments

For the convenience of our clients, we offer an Easy Payment Plan option with $200 booking minimum. We would require ½ of the total package price as a deposit to "Save Your Date and Lock Your Rate".   This is a non-refundable deposit.  The balance may be divided into 3 payments. *NOTE:  Processing and Production of your order will NOT begin until after FULL Payment has been paid.  Additionally, we typically use Paypal invoicing. You don't have to have a Paypal account, but, may use any credit/debit card to pay. We will create an invoice for you to use to pay your deposit and all subsequent payments.   Again, if you opt to use Our Payment Plan Option, once you make the final payment, we will advise you of the NEXT PRODUCTION Date based on when your payment was made as this will begin the order process.  (NOTE:  All Orders are “MADE TO ORDER”.  Thus, we do NOT have inventory sitting and waiting to be shipped.  Please note the timelines for the process.  When you are ready to submit a deposit or begin a payment plan, you may request for us to create an invoice for your order.  Please ONLY make this request when you are actually READY and prepared to make first payment.   

Order Process

At present, we are processing orders once a month.  Upon final payment, your order will go in with the next order that is placed for production following the date of your payment.  Please check with us about this date.  The Order Date BEGINS the order process.  We allot up to 14 days FROM THE ORDER DATE for Production and Processing.  You will be informed immediately should there be any delays in the process.  

If Production and Processing goes according to plan the next period is Our SHIP OUT Period.  This period begins with the date we begin shipping orders from our warehouse.  Depending on the number of orders we have, this will take place within 3 - 5 days following the end of Production.   You will be kept abreast of any updates/changes via email.   We have several orders being processed concurrently, thus, we ask that you please allow for all of these timeframes to fully lapse before requesting any status.  It is our goal to contact you before this would ever become necessary.  Our mission is to make this process as smooth and efficient as possible. Lastly, your Projected Delivery Date will be 7- 10 days AFTER our Ship Out Period begins.  We will be tracking the progress of your package and will contact you with any necessary updates.  Since this is a non-traditional and unconventional shipping method, point by point tracking isn’t always available.  Thus, we will monitor it on our end.  That being said, once the carrier has your package, we are entrusting them to get it to you in a timely manner.   In a perfect world, this should “go off without a hitch“.  However, we all know this is NOT a perfect world and things do happen!  Thus, we ask that you please, please bear with us, if something uneventful does occur with your order.  Trust that we will be with you and behind you until you get the order in “your hands”!  It is NEVER our intent to cause any delays to any order.  We are in business like yourself and understand how important it is that orders get to the destination ON TIME!!!  So, that is Our #1 Priority with your order!  We will do everything in our power to help & efficiently get your delivery made!  We view ourselves as a part of Your Team!  When you win - we win!

One last note about Delivery.  This will be a Greyhound Station to Station Delivery.  This means that we will ship from a local station to a local station in YOUR AREA for you to pick up.  You will receive a PHONE CALL from a Station Representative to pick up your order upon its arrival at the station.  Again, you will have 3 days to pick up your order.  If it is NOT picked up within that time period, you will be charged a $5 PER DAY charge per box for storage.  If you opt for Station to Door, your order will be delivered to your door.  You or someone else will need to be available to receive the package.  The same 3 day rule will apply.

Again, we appreciate you allowing us to share what we have to offer with you and look forward to working with you! 

**Special Notes**

Notes:  Proper Care and Use are needed to preserve the life and use of this product.  We are providing a few special notes for you to get the best use of this item.

1.  Letter Processing:  Please be aware that letters like A, B, O, P, Q and R require a cut-in to take out the interior.  So, these letters will have a “slash” where the wire enters for the inside part of the letter where it will be cut out. 

2.  Use and Care:   The Letters/Numbers are constructed from High-Density Foam.  This foam is a commercial grade foam.  However, care should be used when handling them (they are still foam).  While, they are made of a solid and fairly sturdy material, rough or mishandling may cause damage.  

3. DO NOT USE SPRAY PAINT:  These items will MELT, if spray paint is used!!!  Water-based Acrylic paints are safe in most cases.  However, if you decide to do any painting or embellishing, it is recommended that you TEST an inconspicuous spot first.   Also, note, WARNING the foam should not be exposed to open flames.  They are flammable and will burn quickly as well as give off dangerous and hazardous (possibly deadly fumes).   It is your responsibility to use these items in the way they are intended.   

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