Need a place to host your next business meeting, networking event or business meet-up? Call us!

Our 1,000 sq ft space offers a nice cozy environment perfect for networking, connecting or just brainstorming your next business ideas!  

It would also be great for small training groups, seminars and work sessions for employees. 

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Rental Rates Start at $50 per hour (min 2 hours.)


Our On The Go Greet A Grad Open House Overview!!!

We will help you with everything for the Start to the Finish!  We’ll assist you in creating an “action plan” for your event, so that, it will be executed smoothly and efficiently and in a safe, controlled manner. 


Party Pre-Planning

Our services will begin with your Invites….you provide us with your guest list and we will do the rest!!!  We will create a High-Quality Digital Invitation (you will be able to select from 6 Designs or we can customize one).  Using the guest list you provided, we will make contact with all of your guests.  This will also include following-up with them to secure all RSVP’s and keeping track of these as well as orchestrating the logistics for the timing of everything for your party!  Additionally, we will go over all of the “processes and procedures” of the ON THE GO Party format with all of your guests prior to the party to ensure they all will know what to expect when attending. 

*Create a Party Action Plan

*Design a High-Quality Digital Invitation (6 Design Options)

*Contact all of Your Guests

*Follow-up & Track RSVP’s

*Orchestrate Logistics of Party Timetable & Party Execution

At the Party

On the day of your party, we will do all of the set-up and decorating of the space.  Of course, you are more than welcome to be a part of this as well as provide any “basic” items you would like to be included.  (NOTE:  Any items you intend for us to use in the set-up and/or décor MUST be discussed during the pre-planning stage and be approved PRIOR to the party.)  Again, if you would like to share in the preparations with us your involvement is more than welcome, just let us know ahead of time.  As was noted, we would discuss and determine the specifics of this during the pre-planning process.  

At the party, we will have our staff escorts/attendants available to assist your guests as they arrive as well as assist with the smooth execution of Our “On The Go” party format!  This will include helping with  each of the 6 stations (#1 Red Carpet Style Entry/Station,  #2 Photo Booth/Station,   #3 Food Table/Station,  #4 Treat/Memory Table/Station,  #5 Gift Table/Station and  #6 Beverage Table/Station)..…this will include but not be limited to escorting them into the party safely, managing crowd control, photo booth assistance as needed and coordinating the distribution of food boxes/treats/beverages.   (Note:  If you opt for the Keepsake Photo Booth Package, we will also facilitate the operation of the photo booth and tracking of photos to send out after the party.)

*Design the Party Blueprint

*Set-up & Decorate Our Party Space

*Manage Crowd Control

*Facilitating and Assisting with Photo Booth as needed

*Coordinate Food/Treat/Beverage Distribution

Post-Party Follow-up

After the party, we will offer post-party follow-up services.  These will include sending out a High-Quality Digital Thank You Notes to each of the guests who attended your party.  (Note: If you opted for the Keepsake Photo Booth Package, we will also send a copy of the photo that was taken with each guest with Your Grad!) 

*Design a High-Quality Digital Thank You Note

*Follow-up with each guest/attendee

*If applicable, Follow-up and Send out Keepsake Photos to all your guests