We Offer Consulting, Coordinating & Pre-Planning Services

 Let us help you Plan & Execute the Event of Your Dreams!!! .


Consulting, Coordinating & Pre-Planning Services

 We offer Wedding & Event Consulting, Coordinating & Pre-Planning Services. 

Our Services include:

Consulting - Sit down and discuss your ideas & vision with us.  We will share suggestions and ideas to assist you in devising a plan to effectively and efficiently "bring your vision to life"!

Coordinating - Need assistance with the executing of your plans and ideas. We can provide Hands-on as well as On Location assistance with "bringing everything together"!   So, that you can enjoy a worry-free Special Day!


Pre-Planning - Let us help you create a detailed step by step Action Plan.  We will go over all the details and draft a plan for the logistics and ensure all the "behind the scenes" processes are in place.  We are committed to making sure that all "I's" are dotted and "T's" are crossed.  

Sit Back and Relax ~ Enjoy Your Special Day!!!  Let us take care of the details.........................................

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