Full-Service Designing & Decorating Services


We offer Customized Design & Décor services. Our services would include all of the labor and materials necessary to execute your vision and ideas for Your Special Event.  We do events Large and Small, whether you looking to host 30 or 300 guests, we can help!

We understand that every client we work with is different thus the needs of each client will be different.  With this in mind, the pricing of our professional personalized services are determined on an individual basis.  We don’t really offer preset packages.  Most pricing will be determined both by your selected options as well as the amount or number of these items needed as well as any design & set-up requirements.  Our services may include: Backdrop Designing, Centerpiece Designing, Ceremony & Reception Design & Décor, Floral Designing, Linen & Décor Rentals, Tablescape Designing and more.  

Quick Note:  We also offer Day of Decorating Services for DIYer's as well as a Day of Wedding Day Helper option.  

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Rates will vary based on Custom Package Options Selected

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